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Rikke Kiil


I was born in 1973 in Denmark. At the age of 8 year, I got a dispensation to go to Art school with adults in Silkeborg, where I also in the mid 80's had my first exhibition and in 1992, I made my studies at Art school.

Since 2000, I have participated in manifold exhibitions around the world such as New York, London, in the Louvre in Paris and won internatioal awards. It is important for me that I do not repeat myself and I reinvented techniques, colors and materials. I find that if I repeat myself, it is like hearing the same phrase over and over again, which can be a bit stressful. When I paint, I have no plans. I simply leave the colors, the canvas and the materials speak and form what I feel.

The world as I feel is introduced into my painting of shapes, colors and words. I'm interested in showing in my paintings the space between people, media and interactions; between humans and the world. For example, we see the horrors of war, but we see no real measure to secure those exposed. I try to fill the unoccupied space between man and the world by transforming it into a work of art. So I make space as a substance for my art. The space for me is not just for meditation. I see it as a special world where I can set my own lines and shapes.

The way I paint

I always start a painting directly on the canvas and I don’t do a sketch first I find that it is a killer to the creative process. To me this is the way I feel the strongest connection to my art and to the creation of art.
I love the idea that the painting is both the final art and a sketch at the same time. This is the closest way I can get to the truth and keep the art honest. There is no place for lies or pretend in my art they are always the truth of that moment, in that time of my life. That is what I ask of myself and nothing else will do.
I haft to be there in each stroke and it has to be the truth of this work of art that I am creating now. If it is about freedom of speech then it has to be my point of view. What I find to be important and honest at that time. As I found out I am only the container for words in the contents of freedom of speech. There can’t be freedom or limitation to the freedom of speech if no one is speaking and what is said I, as a person is the sole creator of. That means I am responsible of what I say and if I don’t want hurt people then it is up to me to make sure that dose not happen. I can say what I want but I am responsible of how it affects people. That is what freedom of speech is to me. Responsibility of my own words and how I use them.
I work with the painting as in a dialog, the canvas and me. A dialog where I try to let go of the perfect so I can set the raw line free. Most of my paintings have an over all theme. It's not clear in the beginning but as the piece comes along the theme becomes clear. It's never about being right or wrong but it give's me an opportunity to look and feel the issue and that way bringing awareness to it. What we do with it afterwards is up to our self but it's an opportunity to be conscious about our choices.
All rigths belongs to Rikke Kiil