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Rikke Kiil

Art is life

Life has taught me to believe in art and art is the old voice of the words that can not be said, only shown. To me art is the silent voice that only knows talking trough paintings, photos and shapes.
Sometimes a painting is so strong that I can’t see anything but this piece. It’s in my head as a physical object that blocks off everything else. A piece of art that needs to be set free.


I get my inspiration from everything that I meet, see or hear. Sometimes it’s an escape from real life and sometimes it’s a need to create. The answer is always in the paintings but as a comment on life, a picture of words that can only be expressed in this painting or piece.


I have forgotten many of the exhibitions I've done before 2000, mostly because I did them for fun and I did not want to be a part of the established artist community – I wanted to be my own artist. To create for me and to create art for the sake of art and not for, what could be said about it. In 2000 I began to realize that I wanted to do this for a living, for life, my life – and to do that I needed to take my communication seriously – I created a CV.
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