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Rikke Kiil

Art is Life

Art is more than just a decoration of life or a job, it is a full life that the artist offers to the glance. Art, for me, is not only to draw visible things, people, landscapes, cities..., it is to make some abstract ideas visible to the public, visible to you. The art makes the invisible visible, the untouchable touchable, the indisputable disputable and the impossible possible. A painting is therefore a real window to the world. Otherwise, how can we endure our hard present without art?
Life has taught me to believe in the art which is the old voice of the words that can not be said, but has to be shown. For me, art is the silent voice that can speak only through the paintings, photos and forms. Sometimes a painting is so strong that it feels like a physical object in my head that blocks me to think of anything else. It means a work of art must be set free..
Abstract Expressionism
I just love the powers that are in the explosion of color and the dynamic in their interaction. When the blue hits the canvas it calls out for the violet, the red or the green to join it in this game and a dialoge between this and me has begun. It’s controlled chaos.
A lot of my paintings are about hidden figures, shapes and words they just seem to be there. Talking about them, makes me take a interactive role with them and make up my mind about passion, love, hatred, freedom of speech – there is always a topic to talk about and I love spending time together with my painting to take the time to talk about the subject. I believe it’s important to finish the convocation and make up my own mind about what I do feel and want to say about it. This is a dialoge that I want to take to the next level – you…
Naturalistic - natures own
I’ve grown up with a pencil in my hand and today it still gives me an inner peace to sit and draw. When I do naturalistic paintings it’s both about inner peace but also about studying the paint and the effect of the paint. It’s in the naturalistic painting that I get to know a color and how it talks, walks and plays. There is no way of lying about it, if a color makes the flower come closer or the color makes it withdraw. That is my meditation, my way of letting my soul and color to work together and I love the time spent in these silent universes.
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