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Rikke Kiil

Works on paper

Mixed media is me paying around with coffee, ink, wine, paper and what ever I can get my hands on. I love it, it is fun.
It is also a way for me to keep the training of my hand in shape. The small differences in the pressure of the line with the pencil and ink makes a storke alive. This is training for the brush and the way to keep the brushstroke alive and intence. It matters to me that I feel, see and work on this and my Mixed media are the training space for my hand.
I could not do what I do in my art if I did not train my hand with a pen. It is like scoccer there are both the match and the different ways of training to be great.

Mixed Media:

In the 20th century, no artistic movement remained untouched by the madness of "Mixed Media". For example: Surrealism, Futurism, Cubism, Constructivism...etc. Mixed Media is now an artistic practice in itself.

I like to manipulate various materials in the creation of a single work of art, reality and vision to create my own idea through my own expression. I take the time I need to select the different materials and transform them by assemble, cut, paste, tear, add small details and through this let the art present itself. In the freedom to choose my materials, I find the power to express what I really would like to present to the audience and the freedom to say without any word what turns in my mind and my esprit. I find that through Mixed Media, that I as an artist can create a strong message without words and combine reality and dream, contemporary and history.

To me Art of Mixed Media is more than recognizable objects it is a way to express the influence of the mass by using what is created to impress the mass. Take this influence, isolate it and see it as an expression that can tell a strong story. It is to pass from the concrete to the abstract and to transform objects into a new work of art. I assemble without following a predetermined order, and I relate the reality and the fiction to create another level of reality to the viewer who has freedom of interpretation. This gives the materials different perspective and makes the viewer think about the components of society. I find that creating a new reality torn by pieces of other real universe is absolutely beautiful and amazing.
All rigths belongs to Rikke Kiil