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Rikke Kiil

My street studio is where i make my, In the moment work

This is the idea of creating illustration and art from the moment and the moment that is around me. What I see, what I feel, smell, taste and so on.
This is what – In the moment, is all about. It gives the viewer a still life picture of the moment around the world trough my eyes. It is form a cafe in Reykjavik in Iceland, a street in Denmark, trip in the train. It is all moments around me and where I am and what I see and translate in that moment.
In reality it could be your jacket, the raincoat of a child or the socks of the gay besides you. It is all possible that I could use it in one of my – In the moments

Working i cafées and parks

I walk arond the streets and find a cafée, a park or just a place to sit. Here I watch people arond me, the cars, life and everything that is happening arond me.
All rigths belongs to Rikke Kiil