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Rikke Kiil

Play Ink

This series of artwork is a part of the art of Mixed Media. The black ink has always occupied an important place in the ancient civilizations. It can generate a strong expression and feelings. It highlights all that is written or drawn. An ink drop does not have dimensions and may be different forms. This opens the horizon of interpretation and expression to the audience.
As an artist I also need to train the way I see things, the lines and the shapes of the world. How does normal things like shoes, faces and figures in general present itself. I have found that this could be a bit “up hill” until that I found Play Ink. Here I enjoy the interaction of seeing and translating it on paper. This way I can through the use of ink, pen and paper create a story and a dynamic I find interesting. This gives me playful motivation and I like the expression of it all.
Now I find that the transformation of the vision and lines is fun and creates an interesting and dynamic expression. I am motivated to play and to do it in a committed and honest way where I am true to my line of expression and I add stuff to my mental library.
In my collection "Play Ink", I spend great moments in playing with the ink and expression through the contrast of old books, seeing and the Ink". I can study a skull, shoes or the face of a woman and translate them into a real work of art.
All rigths belongs to Rikke Kiil