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Rikke Kiil

Acknowledgement, invitations and motivation

The Creative Finder
I got this mail form The Creative Finder the 19th of May 2013:
Hi Rikke,
Your image has been handpicked by our portfolio crew for a feature, under the 'images' column, on the main page of The Creative Finder! Share the news with your contacts today!
Abraham Lubelski
Publisher of New York Arts Magasine, owner of The Broadway Gallery
...... I'm upset that "In the Shadows" is no longer available but the works you've attached are equally striking. The intricate brush strokes and raw emotional intensity are stunning and really captivate. I would love to show your work in the gallery. .............
from e-mail the 12 dec 2011
Abraham Lubelski, the publisher of New York Arts Magazine, and owner of The Broadway Gallery in NYC and Beijing Arts Space in China.
All rigths belongs to Rikke Kiil