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Rikke Kiil

Review of Rikke Kiil

Review of Rikke Kiil
By Maria Grazia Todaro 13 -10 -2015

The Abstract Expression of Rikke Kill stands out for its nor classic neither representative artworks, but of challenge and not easy to interpret, paintings that contain meanings that start from social and intellectual origins, and partly offer some important information to the viewer.

The Abstract Expressionism has been the first American art that was full of anger as well as beauty. In the abstraction in art, in her own way the artist has acknowledged that this might represent a refuge in front of the social reaction and the disappointment of the world. It returns to a commitment that examines and determines artistically the trends and moods through the color and not the shape.

In its exuberant and angry presentation of semi-abstract figures it provides a bridge between the expressionism and the abstract as primary influence and here the artist feels free from something like an aesthetic and intellectual cul-de-sac.

Free of reducing art to the subjective experience from the source of important artistic works of the past, and free to put through an aesthetic comparison with the objective world of nature, society and human relations, ..a radical revolution in the values of modern society expressed on canvas.

In her paintings dark yellow, red and black forms move, capable of transmitting feelings of a mysterious force and at the same time a kind of tenderness.

Her abstract art is an alternative way to express his visual language of form, color and line to create a composition that puts more emphasis on a visual sensation more than a depiction of recognizable, realistic objects. Most of her paintings are made using pigmented paints that she mixes with special means capable of forming its unique color palette.

Not through an easy understanding of painting, observers must be able to understand and fight. To deduce the meaning, not of what is said but of what is implied.

Rikke Kiil moves away from conformity and the convention of occidental art to create really amazing artworks in their vivacity and originality. . a free art without any obstacles, pure in its application and motivation. But Rikke is mainly interested in the color, texture, shape, line as the first expressive ingredient in the creation process.

Dusty, glittering surfaces intrigue the mind where she experiences and finds the endless variations of the game of dazzling and immensely exciting color. Every stroke, smear or LINE is the indelible signature of innocence of a subconscious that writes its existence on a canvas every action contributes to the painting and is infused with a genuine expression of joy and astonishment.

Maria Grazia Todaro 13 -10 -2015
City Life

When going round the city I see moments that are so unique that there is no way I can let this moment slip away from me again.

Moments in nature
I love to walk around in nature and I belive stongly in the captation of moments. A frozen moment in my story but also a frozen moment in the story of the nature.
I've travelled around the world a lot and I've got photos of nature in boxes and drawers but it's only now that I'm beginning to show some of these moments in my art.
Faces in reflection
I love people and there is nothing as wonderful as getting that shot that tells a story about the person, not just a pretty face but life.
I walk around them and I look for the small things like a hand or a way the head tilts and reveals a shadow on the neck. It's that stuff which tells a story and underlines the person.
All rigths belongs to Rikke Kiil