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Rikke Kiil


I believe in the ‘now’ and this mean when I start a painting, I always start directly on the canvas, I do not do a sketch first because I find that it can trivialize the intensity of the art. To me it limites me and expressivity and may kill the creative dynamic.
To me each canvas or piece of paper is a new beginning and a new exploration. I do not like to predict the final result of my artwork before the jurney has begun. I know that I inside has something to tell, show and share, and to do this I let the inspiration guide my hand to paint what it there to be said.

You just can’t dictate the dynamic of the bruchses, the interaction of the shapes and color. For each piece the interaction are different and the choise of colors will always reflect what the dialog is about. The dialogs are the proceses of finding the colors, the brushstrokes and the interaction between it all – the interaction with the canvas, the world and me. A red color reflect something one day and something another day fx. the red, it can be about pain, love but also the story of loneliness. It all depends on the value for the dialog between the colors, the strokes, the shapes, the world and me.

I like the idea that painting is both the final art and a sketch at the same time, individual contemplation and not an imitation. This can keep the truth, honesty and singularity of my art. There is no place for lies and nothing pretentious about it. The pieces are always the truth of that moment, in that time of my life. That's what I ask myself, nothing else will do.Otherwise, the painting is an abstract interpretation of my thinking; it is a manifestation of a work on the invisible world. This interpretation is reflected in an artwork. It is then up to me to understand honestly myself that I convey to you. And as Picasso said: “We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth at least the truth that is given us to understand. The artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies.” I like his expression even though it may contain a contradiction, but the contradiction is the experience of the work experience of art and understanding of the work.

In the process of creation of my paintings and in the transition from abstraction of thoughts to the canvas, I have to be present in every step and in each stroke trough creating my artwork. If it is about freedom of expression, it has to be my point of view.
At the time of creation, my work has to be what I find important, experienced and honest. There can’t be freedom or limitation to the freedom of speech if no one is speaking or expressing themself. I am responsible for what I say, what I express. This is what freedom of expression is for me: responsibility for my own words, creations and how I use and express them.

I work with the paint through a dialogue between the canvas and me. A dialogue where I try to let go of perfection, so I can set the raw line and the expression itself. A dialogue without words, but at the same time rich enough to create a work of art able to exist. I give the canvas a form and the canvas asks me to give more. I therefore extend into the depth of the canvas and I give it a soul, a history. Through this dialogue, I combine between the creative subject that is “Me” expressive and the living objects of creation. I take the pleasure of creation and the pleasure to take the place of my materials: my brush, my paintings, my color, my canvas ... This pace of creation also allows me to establish dialogue with the viewer without saying anything.

My paintings are dialogs about something where I had the dialog with the canvas and I find a debate, confront and challenge statments, attidudes and believes about topic. This could be about freedom of speech, what happens to us as people when we focus on success and not on our inner elements or remembering lost friends and binding the past to the now. It is not clear in the beginning, but as soon as the piece of art comes along, the theme, the talks, the debate become focused and challenges my standpoints. It is taking me out of my comfort zone and taking the polite or politic correct opinion and turning it into a reflected and formed understanding of oneself. It is never about being right or wrong, but it gives me the opportunity to search and feel the relevant issue and in that way to realize it. What we do next is up to us, but it is an opportunity to become conscious of our choices.
All rigths belongs to Rikke Kiil