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Rikke Kiil

Inspiration and dialog

I get my inspiration from everything around me, what I experience, see or hear. In this interaction I see, feel and interact with the space that is between the people, the experience and what happens. It is in this dynamic space between these I find my inspiration to show what can not be said or seen. In order for the inspiration to become real, it must go through the process of expression, interpretation and a touch of madness. To create a piece of art is not only an escape from reality, but also a necessity for creating, a necessity to comment on life otherwise and without saying any words.

I am inspired from both the classical art and the modern contemporary art to focus on the specifications for the use of color. When I focus on the naturalistic it is to understand the colors and their strength, their weakness and their speech. I also find, in creation of color, the ability to stay aware of my roots. But what I find most inspiring is the passion and the story telling from other artists when they are telling about their inspiration, their work process and seeing them working in their studios. Artists like Degas, Renoir and Rodin were living stories in their forms, expressions and colors.

The way Auguste Rodin worked, where he transformed first model from real life and made a perfect hand, body or face and then he interfered with the nice and made it an expression of the subject or an interpretation of his idea for the sculpture, inspire me. The same idea is behind my approach to paint. When I can see my paintings become nice and still a great piece, I need to make it more than that and I need to keep working on it until it becomes a piece with a story to tell. Nice just is not enough.
Similarly, there is an authenticity and strength of lines and strokes. Like Picasso, I have lines and brush strokes to live.

Creating the dialog :

I have a dialog or what can be described as a dialog with my paintings. I create a convocation illustrated and told in one frame what exist in each piece of work. With The transparent layers, one can see the layers of the history that is in the painting, the story. A painting can not have a soul if it has no history or layers and in the layers there are a strong voice of hope, soul and poetry. In the story of the layers there are the story of the painting and this story are about the story of life.

When I paint and observe my painting, I need to feel that the layers, the colors and the story are not just both true, but also alive and independent and through this independence I see how my art interact with the audience.

The experience of putting me in the place of the viewer makes me proud of you as the audience and I know that you has to use the time to see the experience, the story, the poetry and the expressivity in my art.
All rigths belongs to Rikke Kiil